Crown Professor of Ethics
Professor of Philosophy
Duke University

Courses taught previously at Duke


PHIL 196S.  Virtue. 2012S.
PHIL 206.  Philosophy of law. 2022S, 2023S.
PHIL 207.  Political philosophy. 2009F, 2012S, 2015S.
PHIL 207.  Political philosophy (2). 2019S.
PHIL 230.  Virtue theory. 2018F. 2023S.
PHIL 281.  Global bioethics. 2009S, 2011S, 2013S, 2018S.


Advanced Research Ethics. 2013F.
Human rights. 2011S.
Philosophical psychology. 2008F.
Political values. 2010S.
Pro seminar in political philosophy.  2013S.  2017F.
Rationing and the health care system. 2011F.
Virtue. 2016F.