Philosophy 291S-01

Philosophy of Psychology

Fall 2008


West Duke 100                                                                                 Prof. Gopal Sreenivasan

Th 3:05-5:35                                                                                                   West Duke 207




Reading Schedule



Sept. 4             Hurka, “Virtuous acts, virtuous dispositions,” Analysis 66 (2006): 69-76;

                        Thomson, “The right and the good,” Journal of Philosophy 94 (1997): 273-98.


Sept. 11           Driver, Uneasy Virtue (Cambridge, 2001), ch. 4;

                        Adams, A Theory of Virtue (Oxford, 2006), ch. 1.


Sept. 18           Hurka, Virtue, Vice, and Value (Oxford, 2001), chh. 1-2.


Sept. 25           McDowell, “Virtue and Reason,” in Crisp and Slote (eds.) Virtue Ethics (Oxford, 1997), ch. 7.


Oct. 2              Class cancelled.


Oct. 9              Hursthouse, On Virtue Ethics (Oxford, 1999), chh. 4-5.


Oct. 16            Herman, “The Practice of Moral Judgement,” Journal of Philosophy 82 (1985):  414-36;

                        de Sousa, Rationality of Emotion (MIT, 1987), ch. 7.


Oct. 23            Damasio, Descartes’ Error (Avon, 1994), chh. 7-9.


Oct. 30            Griffiths, What Emotions Really Are (Chicago, 1997), chh. 1-2.


Nov. 6             Griffiths, What Emotions Really Are, chh. 3-4.


Nov. 13           Griffiths, What Emotions Really Are, chh. 5-6.


Nov. 20           Griffiths, What Emotions Really Are, chh. 9-10.



Apart from Griffiths, readings available through Blackboard.



Students enrolled in this course will have to write a term paper (20 pages).  The following dates must be observed:


            October 27:                  One page topic proposal, due by e-mail attachment.

            November 17:              Draft of term paper, due by e-mail attachment.

            December 8:                 Final version of term paper, due on dead trees.


You will get comments back on your draft, to which you should attend in preparing the final version.  You will get the comments at least one week before the final deadline and at most two weeks before.



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