Gopal Sreenivasan

Canada Research Chair,
Associate Professor of Philosophy,
University of Toronto

Philosophy 2142 F.  Graduate Seminar on International Justice.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12-3 p.m.
Room 1018


Pogge, World Poverty and Human Rights  (Blackwell, 2002).
Nussbaum,  Women and Human Development  (Cambridge, 2000).
Sen,  Development as Freedom  (Knopf, 1999).

Photocopies of the readings will be available at least half a week in advance in the readings cart in the 9th floor Library.

Week 2 (May 25).

Tuesday:   Pogge, pp. 1-51.
Thursday:  Pogge, ch. 4.

Week 3 (June 1).

Tuesday:   Pogge, ch. 6.
Thursday:  Pogge, ch. 8.  (Presenter: Nicholas Riegel).

Week 4 (June 8).

Tuesday:   Sen, chh. 1 (and 2).
Thursday:  Sen, chh. 3 (and 4).  (Presenter: Daniel Viehoff).

Week 5 (June 15).

Tuesday:   Sen, chh. 6 and 10.  (Presenter: Martin Kedzior).
Thursday:  Nussbaum, Introduction.  (Presenter: Meena Krishnamurthy).

Week 6 (June 22).

Tuesday:   Nussbaum, ch. 1.  (Presenter: Hanni Bouma).
Thursday:  Nussbaum, ch. 2.  (Presenter: Vida Panitch).